Demolition & construction of a modern home

This project involved the demolition of an existing 1980’s detached 2 storey house and the construction of a modern home.

The house involved particular challenges from the onset due to the restrictive access to the site which consisted of only a narrow pedestrian entrance, 1.3m wide and 40m long. The site is landlocked by neighbouring residential properties. The existing building was demolished by hand with some of the debris being crushed on site and used as hardcore. The rest was taken away in buckets via the scaffolding that had to be erected along the entrance and over the highway, taking care to keep noise and vehicular movements to a minimum as stipulated in the planning consent. The new house was constructed by splitting the materials down into manageable loads at our workshop, then delivering them to the site and hoisting them up to the access ramp where they were then transported by power barrows and distributed by hand.

Key features of this project included…

  • Excavation of over 700 tonnes of material, transported in buckets or power barrow.
  • Pouring approximately 100 tonnes of concrete.
  • Carrying out extensive underpinning to an existing stone retaining wall.
  • Erecting a specialist Glulam timber frame with cranked roof beams.
  • Eco joist flooring system.
  • Frameless windows and sliding doors into concealed pockets.
  • RuukkiLiberta core ten external cladding.
  • Urban colorcoat metal roof coverings.
  • Powder coated aluminum facias.
  • Natural stone facings.
  • Self-finishing rendering system.
  • Solar tubes and PV panels for renewable energy.
  • Ezy-jam internal full height door sets.
  • Specialist internal concrete worktops supported on bespoke metal work.
  • Natural slate flooring, internally and externally.

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